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One successful LO describes his customer follow-up campaign. Excluding real estate investors, most people will buy somewhere between four and eight homes in their lifetime. With a few refinances and maybe a lake, mountain or beach house thrown in, that may equate to six to 12 home loans over the course of a 40 to […]


Five “old-fashioned” ideas and strategies to reconsider. Well, here we are—January 2017 and the beginning of a new year. We made it through a rather trying 12 months with the market slowing down about 10 to 15 percent from 2015. Interest rates are still good, but not great. New housing starts, while not going gangbusters, […]

The “New” Management Challenges

Welcome to “déjà vu all over again.” Assuming you have management responsibilities within your organization, how are you accepting and handling the current market contraction? Stressed? Worried? Cutting staff? Scrutinizing overhead costs? “Woe is me” or “This too shall pass?” If you have ridden the learning curve of past market contractions, you have learned a […]

Superstar Secrets

There are many secrets to becoming a top producer, including a number of strategic systems and other elements that superstars use to reach the highest levels of origination. The following comments highlight the business secrets from several of the nation’s top producing originators. “The primary reason I have been able to grow my business over […]

Scanners: Image or Text?

Dear Thor, What is the difference between an image scanner and a text scanner? An image scanner allows you to scan a document and read it later, but you can’t edit it. On the other hand, if your saved file is a text document, then you can change it. Even more important, you can do […]

Superstar of the Month – Preet Kalirai

M.O.M.— How did you get started? Kalirai—I began as a teller at Security Pacific Bank right after high school. I was there (which became Bank of America) for 9 ½ years, eventually working as assistant manager, underwriter and loan officer. I was recruited by my mentor Sean Safholm to Countrywide. M.O.M.—What was your initial marketing […]

Rookie Superstar – Paul Cargal

Favorite Book: “How to Master Your Time,” by Brian Tracy “My first loan couldn’t have been more than $200,000,” recalls Paul Cargal, 26-year-old loan officer/mortgage consultant with Metro Broker’s Financial, Atlanta, Ga., “But completing it was definitely nerve wracking because I wanted to make sure every little thing was done perfectly. I knew my performance […]

Growing Your Team

Advice From Originators Who Have Perfected “The Art” of Team Building Most mortgage loan originators would welcome the chance to form their own team with one or more assistants. Certainly there are some who prefer a solo routine—because they don’t wish to delegate any of the loan transaction details or believe they can’t afford the […]

Small Investment and Big Return

Small investment and big return. No, I’m not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme, and I don’t want to sell you oceanfront property in Arizona. I’m talking about investing time in yourself to reap the benefits of higher production and income. Superstar originators continually look for ways to educate and improve themselves. They study loan programs […]