Calyx Point for Windows

POINT for Windows version 3.6a is the latest version of POINT from Calyx Software. There have been a number of improvements since I last reviewed this system.

POINT has always offered full conventional and FHA and VA processing for a very affordable price. The screens are easy to read and follow, tracking a file is simple, and the system can be mastered in a relatively short period of time. There is a complete set of FHA, VA, and conforming documents included. And where things don’t load across documents automatically, there are “cut and paste” options and “hot” buttons that will load information from one form into another to insure complete accuracy.

What Calyx Software has done with this latest version is to simply improve almost all aspects of their POINT program. In addition to being a simple to use processing and tracking system, this latest version of POINT has embraced much of the technology that will be needed to process loans quickly and efficiently as our industry continues to become more dependent on the Internet and computers to transfer and share loan information. In addition to the complete Desktop Originator and Loan Prospector interfaces, POINT now offers the ability to e-mail loan files so that they can be sent directly from the originator to processing or from processing to underwriting. This feature is not needed by everyone, but this may well be the common way to move loans from origination to processing and from processing to underwriting in the near future.

Some other improvements that will help process files more quickly today are new features that will allow the processor to print forms in customized groups of forms, eliminating the need to choose every form individually every time one is needed for a specific type of loan. Additionally, there is a customizable Shortcut Toolbar that lets users move more quickly from one section of the file to another. There are even more FHA and VA forms added and the new Georgia and Florida disclosures are now available in POINT 3.6 that were not available in version 3.5.

With POINT version 3.6, Calyx Software has allowed for more flexibility and customization than ever before. Users now have the option of customizing up to four screens with up to 25 customizable fields each. The fields used in each screen can be set as text, numeric, currency, percentages, phone numbers, and many others. There is even the ability to create drop down lists with multiple pre-sorted customized choices to allow processing and management to work as effectively as possible.

Another feature is Calyx Software’s POINT WebCaster. This is a do-it-yourself website creation and hosting service that provides stand-alone, full-service websites for mortgage companies. WebCaster has been designed to offer even the smallest company an affordable, easy to create, customized, and personalized website to help them compete with the “big guys.” With WebCaster, you can create your own home page, loan center, products and services, FAQs, and links. The loan center consists of an interview process that asks questions of the visitor and then uses a search engine to quickly find loan options, including down payment and interest rate. Visitors can even set up a user identification and personal password to store their data so they can re-use it when they return to the website.

WebCaster is also fully integrated with POINT. This integration allows you to select POINT programs and rates that you want shown on your site. WebCaster’s search engine will review all possible combinations and automatically present the best options for that particular borrower. The borrower can even complete a short loan application at any time that is e-mailed directly to you. When you open this application, POINT creates a Prospect file containing all of the information submitted by the borrower. This allows you to have all the information you will need on the borrower when you follow up with them.

There are no special skills needed to start using WebCaster to create your company’s website. There is no need to know HTML or any other special programming language. This is an easy-to-use program that allows just about anyone to create a sharp, professional looking website.

This latest version of POINT shows that the programmers at Calyx Software are working hard to bring affordable, well thought out processing software. Anyone who wants an affordable, web ready processing software program, should definitely look at POINT and WebCaster.

Program Overview
Name: POINT for Windows Ver. 3.6a
POINT WebCaster
Product Type: Processing, Origination and Marketing
Features: Mortgage origination
Complete mortgage processing
Prospect tracking and marketing
Website creation
System Req.: Windows 95, 98, or Windows NT 3.51/4.0, minimum 486 microprocessor, 16 MB RAM, 25 MB available hard disk space WebCaster requires Windows 95 or higher, POINT 3.6 or higher, Internet connection, and an e-mail address.
Price: POINT for Windows: 10-user site license $895, single upgrade $245.
$300 for first six months and $50 after that
Contact: Calyx Software, 800/362-2599,

by Lawrence K. Barber