Product Profiles

Products and services of interest to originators, lenders, and others.

Entyre has released version 2.0 of eMortgageX4™, featuring new X4 e-Collaboration Engine capabilities. The Engine was designed to provide lenders with the ability to “easily customize” the communication process between all parties in the closing process. According to Entyre, users can reduce their closing and post-closing costs by delivering enhanced, “more accurate, and compliant closing documents.” It uses an “advanced,” open architecture platform and SOAP/XML transfer protocol. X4 enables brokers, closing agents, and consumers to collaborate electronically and to confirm and enforce data accuracy and compliance.

GainClients, Inc. has introduced a new automated template-based Web site service to real estate and mortgage professionals. The GainClients Web site system allows users to incorporate the Internet into their total marketing package and extend their personal/corporate brand on to the Web. Homebuyers can educate themselves with the purchasing process, preview and “short list” the choices they want to consider, and communicate with agents. GainClients gives users the ability to manage their own Web site with automated functions and features.

Office Capture, a paper-to-electronic document program developed for low-volume document conversion and management environments, has been released by DocuLex. DocuLex Office Capture enables document scanning, content indexing, image quality control, optical character recognition (OCR) conversion, image coding and endorsing, electronic document conversion (PDF image + text, TIFF, or JPG formatting), and printing, including export capabilities. Office Capture is a Windows-based, open-system format, and according to DocuLex, is “easy to operate for document imaging beginners while flexible for experienced users.”  

Sysdome, Inc. has unveiled the Sysdome Broker Score® program to “advance industry standards and support professionalism” among broker originators via a national registry.  Based upon its scoring logic algorithms, Sysdome will rate individual brokers with a “score” to be shared with both the broker and Sysdome’s lender customers. Sysdome assigns an identifying number associated with individual originators, and stores their Broker Score findings in a proprietary relational database.  Key broker/originator data reviewed by the Broker Score program includes: state licensing agency status check, derogatory state licensing information search, and OFAC compliance review in accordance with the U.S. Patriot Act. Through an annual subscription service, brokers can monitor their lender-accessible score, as well as their employees’ scores; have the opportunity to explain irregularities; and dispute incorrect information through verifiable documentation.