Superstar of the month – Ed Currie

Primary Marketing: “Most of my business is generated from repeat and client referrals,” said Currie. “I send a monthly postcard, as well as an e-mailed newsletter that focuses on issues such as mortgage rates, mortgage rate outlook, credit and credit scores, financial planning, and tax planning issues.” His newsletter includes a contest that awards tickets to a sporting event or concert. “After a loan closes, I set up (through ACT!) a post-closing follow-up schedule that reminds me to touch base with clients at certain intervals.”

Most Effective Marketing:  “Weekly status updates, quick return phone calls, and easy access allow me to develop a relationship with clients that hopefully ensures me of their repeat business (or at least the first shot) and allows me to continually ask for referrals and communicate the importance of referrals.”

Niche: Corporate program developed with a local Realtor. “Our first account is a local hospital with 5,000 employees. We have monthly access to them through an employee newsletter they produce. We are also on-site every two months.”

Teamwork: Processor and assistant (whose time he shares with other LOs). “I originate the loans and take the apps, and my assistant will package it (for processing). She also does marketing and some client contact.” The majority of his loans are handled over the phone and via e-mail and regular mail. “For most of my clients, the convenience of doing it that way is more important than actually meeting.”

Key Ingredient for Success: “The ability to communicate with all types of people and personalities. I’m able to talk about things of interest to people with different backgrounds.” In addition, he is aggressive about reaching production goals. “I have a minimum number of loans I want to reach each day. I’m tenacious—trying to get every possible loan each day.”

Achieving Work/Personal Balance: “We win or lose (the sale) on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis. So the desire to constantly get more loans to catch up from a bad month or get ahead in a good market usually means spending more time at work. I have an incredibly patient wife who takes care of all the house stuff so I can concentrate on the work aspect. I never work on weekends except for the occasional phone call.”